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Fred Fulmer Totem Pole Replicas

The Ancestors Pole is now available as a bronze and composite replica!

The Ancestors Totem Pole was created by Fred Fulmer Tlingit Artist.
Each Fred Fulmer 24 inch bronze patina composite replica is a small version of the 16ft tall Totem that Fred carved from red cedar. This beautiful composite replica has a wonderful bronze patina finish, and is a wonderful representation of Totem poles of the Pacific Northwest. The patina colors will be available in 2 tone.

Fred's Inspiration:
I wanted to carve a Totem pole based on stories that I heard from my Uncle's and Auntie's from my mom's home village of Hoonah, Ak. I call the project
"The Ancient Ones" and "The Ancestors Pole"

To read more on the Ancestors Totem Pole story, visit my artist website: 
-Fred Fulmer

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